Never Ever Ever…

I will never ever ever:

  •  get sick of eating cereal for dinner. Yum.
  • get tired of watching Pitch Perfect.  Momma got me the DVD for Christmas and I have probably watched it at least 20 times since. No exaggeration here.
  • stop wanting more pets.  Two cats and a dog is NOT enough! Jeremy is super thrilled about buying a house one day because then we’ll have room for the zoo that I have always wanted. Grin.
  • regret naming our chihuahua Optimus Prime.  It cracks me up.
  • turn down an opportunity to take a nap. Pure bliss.
  • enjoy waking up early.  I’m really hoping to work on this one.  Morning is such a wonderful time, but I usually miss it, unless I have to be up for work.  Wow…these last two points must give you the impression that I’m always sleeping! 🙂

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