a honeymoon moment

There’s quite a bit on my mind and on my heart right now and lots of possibilities ahead…not to mention the piles of homework and hours of studying that await me – but I can’t stop thinking about something so here I am writing about it.

I keep thinking about my favorite moment on our honeymoon – don’t worry – this is completely G-rated! ¬†ūüôā ¬†I obviously know that I married an awesome and Godly man…(I mean, I did marry him for a reason!), but on our honeymoon there was this really cool moment that I think God allowed me to witness to affirm my marriage to a pretty great guy.

During our honeymoon, Jeremy and I would go for regular evening walks on the Atlantic City boardwalk. ¬†One particular night, we stopped at a stand to buy some fried Oreos – one of our favorite boardwalk specialties. ¬†I sat down at a table while Jer went up to order for us. ¬†I could see Jer in line from where I was sitting and so I saw when a man walked up to Jeremy while he was waiting in line. ¬†The man would appear to be what I would describe as poor, dirty, and possibly homeless (the social worker in me tries to be careful about what I assume about people without knowing!) ¬†The man went up and talked to Jeremy for a little bit, but I was out of hearing distance and didn’t know what he was saying. ¬†Jer got to our table a few minutes later with our plate of fried Oreos. ¬†Jeremy said that the man had asked him for some money so he could buy an ice cream cone. ¬†Jeremy only had a $20 bill and told the man he was sorry. ¬†Of course, Jeremy knew I would get really upset that we hadn’t helped the man in some way…especially when I looked up and saw the man relentlessly going up to several people asking for money. ¬†At this point, I honestly didn’t even want my deep fried Oreos. ¬†Jer got up and said he would be back. ¬†He walked up to the man and said something, then the two walked back to the line together. ¬†Here comes the best part. ¬†My husband bought this man a slice of pizza, a water bottle, and his much desired vanilla ice cream cone. ¬†Jer waited in line with the man to make sure the server got the man his food. ¬†And the cherry on top: Jeremy didn’t do this to get praised for it and he certainly didn’t do it just to make me happy (not that that would be wrong!) ¬†This is Jeremy and it was the perfect moment on a beautiful night. ¬†I never felt more love for Jeremy and more loved by his selfless act for another than in that moment. ¬†It was awesome. ¬†And I totally felt God’s peace.

I love to think about how much just the vanilla ice cream cone alone meant to that man. ¬†If he could have one thing from the boardwalk, he wanted ice cream. ¬†I’ve thought about if I was living in poverty, what I wouldn’t do for a luxury cup of coffee. ¬†If this man lives day to day, an ice cream cone was his biggest blessing I’m sure. ¬†God bless my sweet husband for adding on a pizza slice and bottle of water.

Later on that evening, Jeremy joked that being married to a soon-to-be social worker was rubbing off on him, but I know that’s not why he did it. ¬†Jeremy has that heart all on his own.

Sorry to endlessly brag on my husband, but I’m just so grateful for him and his heart and I love giving God the glory for blessing me with such a wonderful guy.

Our two week honeymoon was made up of so many awesome moments, but I know this is one that will stick in my mind for a lifetime.

Happy Wednesday!

Jeremy and me on the boardwalk

Our deep fried Oreos – Yum!

The blessing of a simple vanilla ice cream cone